Student Meal Account Refund or Balance Transfer

Student Meal Account Refund or Balance Transfer

Balances for underclassmen will be automatically carried over to the next school year. Refunds from student meal accounts are granted when a student graduates, leaves the District, or a special circumstance necessitates the refund.

Upon request, money remaining in the student’s meal account may be transferred to another account or a refund may be requested. After three years, any remaining balances for students who have withdrawn from the District will be donated to the Lincoln Public Schools Nutrition Services Department.

Parents/guardians may request a refund or a transfer by completing the Meal Account Refund/Transfer request and email to or mail to:

Lincoln Public Schools Accounting Department

PO Box 82889

Lincoln, NE 68501

Please note-it may take 2-3 weeks to process a refund request.