Senior Photo Information for the East High Yearbook!

Parents and Guardians of East Seniors,

           Each year, the yearbook staff accepts senior photos in lieu of the LifeTouch portraits done at school. In order to get these into the yearbook in time, we need senior pictures to be submitted no later than October 31st.  For information on how to upload photos, please refer to LPS Senior Yearbook Uploads.  Once you have clicked the submit button, a message should appear at the top of the page if it was sent. To check if your photo has been received, please check the Senior Photo List. It will be updated regularly, but the list does not refresh automatically, so it will not accurately gauge if the photo was received until it has been updated.  Keep in mind most photographers wait until the end of October to upload pictures, but you may want to remind them early.           
        Thank you for your time, and please contact me with any questions you may have at
Beth Staswick
Lincoln East High School
English Department