East High Student Daily Announcements

Monday, August 20, 2018

WORD OF THE WEEK: It's time for Word of the Week, Spartan Nation! This week’s word is ESTIVAL. ESTIVAL is an adjective and a technical word meaning “belonging or appearing in summer.” Stay tuned tomorrow for the etymology of the word NONPLUSSED.  


ATTENTION ALL STUDENTS: Starting August 20 all requests to change your Semester 1 schedule will require parent/admin permission and approval. Class availability is very limited at this time. Use the following criteria to help you decide if you need to make schedule change:

1. You have taken and passed a course that is on your schedule.
2. You are a senior and are missing a required class for graduation.
3. You have the same course listed twice on your schedule.
4. There is a gap in your schedule (you are missing a period) or a SEE COUNSELOR.
5. You have not met a prerequisite for a class that is on your schedule.

(ex: scheduled for Pottery 2, but have not taken Pottery 1)
6. You want to make a level change (Diff/AP course to regular or vice versa).
7. Seniors only: you want to drop courses for pass periods/work experience (parent permission).


WEIGHT ROOM: Regular Weight room hours begin Monday, August 20th from 6:30-7:30 AM & 3:30-5:00, Monday – Friday.


MATH CLUB: MATH CLUB! Our first meeting of the year is Monday at 3:15pm in room 130E! All mathletes are welcome to attend. Please join our Math Club Google Classroom for more information! The join code is r8ptbru


SWIMMERS & DIVERS: Attention all East High girls and boys swimmers and divers:  There will be a brief meeting at 3:10pm on Monday, August 20th in the pool area.


ELEVATOR REPAIR: If you use the elevator at school, please note that they will be closed for repair for 2 hours starting at 2 PM on Tuesday, August 21st.


BASEBALL MEETING: All athletes not out for a fall sport that are interested in Baseball this spring, there will be a meeting at 3:30 on Wednesday 8/22 in the South Balcony.


VALUE INVESTING CLUB: Would you like to learn how to become a millionaire at a young age? Do you enjoy picking stocks and competing in stock market contests? Would you like to learn the techniques which allowed Warren Buffett to become a billionaire many times over? The Value Investing Club is looking for new members. An organizational meeting will be held in room 160, in the Special Education hallway, on Wednesday August 22, at 3:10 pm.  Snacks will be served. Unveil your inner millionaire!