Gifted Program

Information regarding the gifted program:

East Gifted Brochure:

All of the particulars of the Lincoln East Gifted Program are available through the Gifted Brochure.

 East Planning Guide 2015-2016 School Year


Gifted Education Quarterly: 

Read the Online Issue of the Gifted Education Quarterly (GEPQ. 


How Does A Student Get Into The Gifted Program?

For information on the referral, identification, and placement for the Gifted Program please read Regulation 6310.1 .  Additional information is available through the LPS Board Policy on Gifted Education at the LPS Gifted Website.


Useful Resources:

 LPS Gifted Program


Nebraska Association for the Gifted—Serving gifted children in our state


National Association for Gifted Children—Trains teachers, encourages parent and educates administrators and policy makers on how to develop and support gifted children


ERIC EC Gifted Education—Gifted students with disabilities are often called twice exceptional.  Searchable database:


Lincoln East Gifted Coordinator:  Ken Flowerday, 436-1302, extension 62325