On Tuesday, September 22nd, all students who were Juniors at East High last year will be taking the ACT exam beginning at 8 am. All of these students should report no later than 7:45 am. Only students who have already completed the pre-inventory bubbling will be allowed to test. Anticipated time for standard time test completion is 1:00 p.m.

9th graders, 10th graders, and 11th graders will NOT have school on September 22nd and will not be permitted in the building before or during the ACT testing.

Act Testing Rules In A Nutshell

What Students need to bring: A Photo ID (school issued OR state issued), number 2 pencils (not mechanical pencils) and an ACT approved Calculator (www.actstudent.org enter the word calculator for a complete listing).

Do not bring backpacks, bags, purses; any bags (purses, etc) brought into the building will be checked in to the main office and will have to be picked up when the student is done testing.

Electronic Devices of any kind – are NOT permitted, even at break, if you are seen using one, you will be asked to leave.

Any cell phone that goes off during the test is considered a disruption to the testing environment. Any electronic device that goes off during testing will be confiscated and returned ONLY to a parent/guardian.

NO food or drinks are allowed in the testing rooms. Students are allowed to bring a quick snack and/or drink to have during their supervised break, these are kept in a designated location in the testing room until the break.

The only door utilized before and after testing will be DOOR ONE – the main entrance to the building.