Starting today, July 18th, Students/Parents will be able to view their 2022-23 course schedule in StudentVue/ParentVue, on the Class Schedule tab.

Your schedule will have 8 periods listed: 7 classes and 1 lunch. Please review your schedule closely and if you need to make a ZOOM appointment with your counselor to make a schedule change, please follow the steps listed below. Counselors will see students for schedule changes by APPOINTMENT ONLY.

To make an appointment with YOUR ALPHA counselor, follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Click on the name of your counselor below to access your counselor’s appointment reservation calendar (counselors are assigned to you by YOUR last name).
    1. Amanda Ludwig (A-CG)
    2. Katie Wenz (CH-GA)
    3. Ralph Schnell (GB-J)
    4. Al Carothers (K-MA)
    5. Jada Dole (MB-PI)
    6. McKenzie Potthoff (PJ-SR)
    7. Kristin Murphy (SS-Z)
  2. Log into your LPS school email ( You must use your LPS SCHOOL EMAIL to make your appointment to receive your confirmation with your meeting zoom link.
  3. Scroll to the date you would like to make the appointment.
  4. Hover and click on the time you would like to request and fill in the required information in the top line. (Delete counselor’s name, add your last name, first name, student ID#)
  5. Click SAVE. If you get a confirmation notice in your LPS school email, your appointment is saved. If your computer locks up, you need to refresh and pick a different time slot.
  6. PLEASE be patient with the system and only reserve ONE 15-minute time slot, there are a lot of students at East! (These appointments are for schedule changes ONLY, other planning needs will be addressed after school starts in August)

Click on the attachment for Detailed Instructions on how to make an appointment.

Before you make an appointment, please keep in mind that schedule changes are limited as there is little availability for classes to move, and one move may alter the entire class schedule. The class availability is in a constant state of change therefore, set your appointment when it is convenient for you to meet via ZOOM and not with worry that earlier is better, as that is not always the case.

Thank you for your cooperation, we look forward to working with you!