Dear Parents/Guardians

We will get you the most current information we can pertaining to your student, East High School, classes/learning and events. We ask you to pay attention to the LPS website, along with the East High Website for information as information regarding the 2020/2021 School Year is fluid and changes.

Parent Teacher Conferences – 1st Semester

Parent Teacher Conferences will be held Monday, October 5 and Monday October 26th. These dates have changed. Conferences will be virtual and specific information will be coming home later about how to sign up, etc.

Online Registration Verification

There is less than a week left of online registration verification! (formerly the Census Form) The window for completing the process ends Friday, September 4th. If you have already completed this process, thank you!

National Honor Society

Induction Ceremony (this year’s 12th Grade Class) will be held Monday, September 14, 2020 – 6:30 p.m. (the meeting room will open at 6:00 p.m.) New inductees will receive a letter sent home before that date.

Grab and Go Meals

Nutrition Services meals will be provided on Wednesday for Thursday/Friday zoom folks and then again on Friday for those that will zoom Monday – Wednesday. Meals are available for all students in the cafeteria for 15 minutes after school gets out. The same payment procedures for students who pay for meals and for those who qualify for free and reduced meals will apply when students pick up meals for Remote Learning days. Students can pick up breakfast, lunch or both. The meal distribution will be available as long as LPS high schools are under the 50% Capacity Plan 3/2 schedule.

100% Remote Learner Meal Distribution Sites

Lincoln High [map]
2229 J St, Lincoln, NE 68510
Door Number 3 on the East Side of the building

Lincoln North Star [map]
5801 North 33rd St
Door Number 10 on the West side of the building

Lincoln Southeast [map]
2930 S 37th St, Lincoln, NE 68506
Door Number 18 on the East side of the building

Counseling Center Information

College Financial Aid

Financial Aid Night is Wednesday, Sept. 9th at 6:00p.m. Financial Aid night will be a virtual format, hosted by Ed Quest, sign-up and log in information coming soon!

Counseling ONE STOP SHOP Link

Click HERE for all of your Counseling Center Needs.

Parking Near East

Our neighbors at Taylor Meadows Office Plaza have hired security to patrol their parking lot. Any Parents/Guardians or students who park in Taylor Meadows will be towed; even if it is for a short period of drop off or pick up. Thank you for adhering to the posted signs of private property.

East High School Library

Students in grade K-12 can access and read thousands of high-interest and popular ebooks and audiobooks in Sora. Students and teachers log in with their LPS credentials. Professional books are also available in Sora for teachers. Access information about Sors by using this Sora Link or use Jump Code YLOY.

Library News

How to Find your Library Website

Did you know that parents can access our school library catalog and online resources from home?

  • Begin at
    • Enter your student’s ID and password (If you don’t have this information, the school office can provide it for you).
    • Select “Library Website” from the alphabetical listing in the portal.
    • Once you arrive at the library website, select Destiny Discover for the online catalog or choose the Home Access tab or Home Access button to explore other resources.

Digital Citizenship Tips

Zoom Etiquette for Remote Learners

Teach your student how to mute and unmute themselves and talk about when it is appropriate to do so.

  • Make sure to mute when the teacher is giving instruction.
  • Unmute to respond to teacher requests.
  • Use the raise hand signal in the chat box or chat in Zoom to get the teachers attention and wait to be called upon.
  • Participate with your teacher. Answer questions and participate in breakout rooms.
  • Make sure you have a home “classroom” for learning where your student can sit at a table or desk with good lighting and minimal distractions. Have supplies including your Chromebook charger nearby and handy.

Academic Support for All Students

East offers academic support for all students throughout the day. Staff is available during the lunchtime in Lunch Hubs! The first 10 or last 10 minutes of periods 4, 5 & 6, teachers are available for help with homework, explaining a concept, practice of an instrument, etc. Need Help? Hop to a Hub!

Hub Locations

  • Art – Period 4 – Room 165; Period 5 – Room 164, P 1; Period 6 Room 165A
  • Business – Period 4, 5 – Room 113; Period 6- Room 117
  • Counseling- Period 4, 5, 6-Room 134
  • English- Period 4-Room 017; Period 5- Room 012; Period 6- Room 008
  • FACS- Period 5, 6- Room 218
  • STS- Period 5- Room 135, 137, 141, 142; Period 6- Room 135
  • Math- Period 4, 5- Room 107; Period 6- Room 120
  • Music-Period 4, 5, 6- Room 168A
  • Science- Period 4, 5- Room 200; Period 6-Room 213
  • Social Studies- Period 4- Room 017; Period 5, 6- Room 012
  • World Language- Period 4- Room 221; Period 5, 6- Room 220
  • PE/Health- Period 4, 5, 6- Room 169B

In addition to Learning Hubs we offer Academic Hour (after school help) on Monday, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Academic Hour will start Monday, August 31st and will be from 3:15 p.m. to 4:15 p.m. Academic Hour offers specific help for students in the areas of Math, English, etc. Academic Hour is available in person for all students (A, B and Z students).

Wisdom Wednesdays will start the week of August 31st as well. Students who need to make up assessments can make them up during PLC time on Wednesdays.

HERO Rewards

Would you like to be a part of promoting a positive culture at East High? If so, please consider donating to our HERO Rewards student acknowledgement system. Our goal is to help incentivize and recognize students who are “caught in the act” being Spartan HEROES by demonstrating that they exhibit the traits of Honor, Engaged, Respect, Ownership. Students who are recognized by staff for modeling HERO expectations are eligible to receive prizes such as (Gift cards, movie passes, Husker/EHS apparel, etc

If you would like to be a part of this please contact Nate Blankenship ( to ask about which items students enjoy the most and how to donate. Donations can be dropped off at the East High main office. Thanks for helping our Spartans be HEROES!

New Lunch Delivery Policy

Students are not allowed to have lunches from restaurants delivered to the office this year. Parents may drop off forgotten home lunches in the office, or meet their student by Door 1 to deliver food during the student’s lunch period.

Students Leaving School Early

When picking up students early for appointments, please call the Attendance office as early as possible to notify them that your student will be leaving. It typically takes 20-30 minutes to deliver a pass to a student’s classroom. The Attendance line has voicemail, so you may leave a message at any time!

402-436-1302 Option 1 for Attendance.


Parents/Guardians of student athletes. Have questions about NCAA and guidelines for college bound athletes? Go to this link for assistance. Additional Questions? Contact Mr. Joe Schlegemelch in the counseling office!


Some tools for parents to support their students during their “remote days”

Many teachers have shared their behavioral and academic expectations for students during the time they are zooming in to the class. Students who are Zooming in, will need to take a more active role in ensuring they remain engaged in the lesson. Taking notes, reflecting on the learning, reading, and annotating assignments are more difficult for the classroom teacher to monitor via Zoom and thus become a responsibility of the student. Students who are Zooming in, will need to take a more active role in ensuring they remain engaged in the lesson. Taking notes, reflecting on the learning, reading, and annotating assignments are more difficult for the classroom teacher to monitor via Zoom and thus become a responsibility of the student.

Students are held to the same behavioral expectations as if they were in the physical classroom. All LPS and school rules apply to students Zooming in.

Have you asked your student how zooming in is going? Please refer to the teacher’s classroom website for more information! Got questions about a specific class? Please contact their teacher. Teacher contacts can be found on the East High Website.

Zoom in on non remote days!

Just a reminder that students may not Zoom into their classes on non-remote learning days. Students may only Zoom in when it is their assigned day (A/B) or they are 100% remote learning.

(Fall) ACT at East – September 22nd

Due to last school year’s canceled spring ACT test, LPS will offer the ACT this fall to any of last year’s Juniors that would like to take advantage of the opportunity.
This is a fantastic, free-of-cost opportunity, and we strongly encourage last year’s Juniors to take full advantage. Testing will take place the morning of September 22nd. This will be a non-school day for current Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors- only those affected students wanting to take the ACT will need to report to school that day. Classes will resume as normal on the following day, September 23rd. The four areas tested will be English, Math, Reading, and Science. Last year’s Juniors will be receiving important testing information via email and their graduating class Google classroom.

Last year’s Juniors will receive important testing information via email about the test and day-of activities- so they will need to look for that in their LPS email.

Important Places to find information about

East High Counseling Page
East High Athletics & Activities Page
Remote Learning Support