The art department shares many combined years of teaching experience in every area of art: design, pottery, sculpture, painting, drawing, photography, commercial art, jewelry, fibers, and art history. Households include 1 husband, 4 kids, 1 dog, 6 cats, and fish.

Pastimes include movies, gardening, games, reading, writing, physical activities, traveling, and all the ARTS ! Lessons learned include: 1. Never start a home remodeling project, 2. Never ask your parents to help with home repairs, and 3. Make sure you’re getting enough oxygen.

Art Department Website


The Business Department shows students that school and work environments contain many similarities. The Business Department guides individuals through course work that directly applies to the real world. Students will understand how to use oral and written communication; computer skills; aspects of marketing; and accounting. Students will learn to think critically; use common sense; apply sound business ethics and principles; and interpret economic decisions. The Lincoln East Business Department is the student’s high school connection to the College of Business Administration and Vocational Education. Students have the opportunity to take dual-enrollment classes in high school which will allow waivers in secondary schools, such as University of Nebraska and Southeast Community College. Students interested in pursuing collegiate degrees in Business are encouraged to take the business college prep classes.

Counseling Center

Lincoln East High School Counseling Center
1000 South 70th Street
Lincoln, NE 68510

Phone: 402-436-1302, option 3
Fax: 402-436-1329

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Counseling Center Website


The English Department of East High School is a community of teacher-scholars whose primary mission is to help students acquire knowledge, develop skills, and promote critical and creative thinking through deep exploration of both fiction and non-fiction works. The goals and intent of such study include the development of rhetorical and multiple genre writing as well as intellectual and creative potential. Our strength stems from the diversity of and variety of high interest and adventurous curriculum designed to prepare students for success in any post-secondary environment.

Family & Consumer Sciences

Family and Consumer Sciences is the subject of choice as students learn life skills and prepare for careers. Students will learn about life, making good decisions, coping with relationships, building strong families and selecting and preparing healthy food choices. Our interesting and varied curriculum provides opportunities for culinary competitions, expressing creativity, exploring medical careers, developing personalities and much more. Students will also be able to complete entry level courses as they follow various pathways for potential enrollment in The Career Academy. Come join us as we prepare for life!!!!

Food Service

Twelve women work in the Food Zone. Over the Summer, some remodeling was done in the serving area: painting, new signs, and awnings. This week, a Cappuccino machine was installed, and so far it has been a huge hit. The Food Zone offers a variety of foods, including Candy, Ice Cream, Pizza, Little Debbies, a Salad Bar, and the standard Type A lunch.

Health and Physical Education

The East Physical Education Department offers an exciting variety of activity courses to meet the needs of our students. Students choose from such offerings as aerobics, lifetime sports, weight training, racquet sports, swimming, team sports, modern jazz dance, and officiating. All courses will include physical fitness development in addition to specializing in a specific area of emphasis.

Health and Physical Department Website

Industrial Technology

Cabinet Making, Furniture Design, Architecture Design Principles, Engineering Design, CAD Computer Aided Design, Automotive Tune-Up, Overhaul, Principles of Technology, and Motorcycle Repair are all part of the Industrial Technology Education department. Each course has modern lab experiences that compliment the subject matter. Many of the classes offer problem solving partnerships with community businesses and organizations with students taking the role of leaders and design team members. Employment opportunities are abundant and allow students to apply their knowledge from school subjects in a professional environment. Department telephone is: (402) 436-1318


The East High mathematics department is committed to helping students reach their educational and career dreams. We offer a broad range of courses for every level of student including block, regular, differentiated and advanced placement (AP) classes.

Since the level of math completed in high school is one of the strongest predictors for postsecondary success (Adelman, US Dept. of Ed. 2006) we encourage students to take mathematics every year. We also advise students who earn a grade below a “C” in a particular course to consider retaking it so that their mathematical knowledge base can be as strong as possible.

The department is made up of dedicated teachers who challenge and support student learning. Two examples of this are Cathy Sphon who was awarded the Scottish Rite Teacher of the Year Award for her work with beginning algebra students and Leona Penner the 2010 NATM Distinguished Service Award winner whose “Elements of Mathematics” curriculum has challenged a generation of outstanding mathematics students to excel as problem solvers. (NATM-Nebraska Association of Teachers of Mathematics)

Math Department Website

Media Center

Lincoln East Media Center: The East Media Center and its staff serve as an instructional and personal support for both teachers and students. Its purpose is to help staff and students locate information to reach curricular goals and locate enrichment materials for other activities and projects. The center is a repository of both print and non-print materials which includes books, periodicals, audio-visual materials, computer software and resources for community information.

Media Center Website


Over 500 students (35% of the student body) are involved in the Music Department at Lincoln East. The East music department provides instruction within 6 instrumental and 5 choral music classes as well as beginning music theory, music technology, and guitar classes. The Marching Band, Orchestra, East Singers, and Blue Note Jazz Band have traveled to such places as Indianapolis, Atlanta, Orlando, Chicago, Los Angeles, Kansas City and New York City and the East Marching Band will be participating in the 2009 New Years Day Parade in London, England. Lincoln East Music Department is considered one of the premier music departments in the Midwest. The performing ensembles have performed for state, district, and national conventions and clinics. Five instructors are involved in the music education of Lincoln East students.


Science is one of the cornerstones of modern society. Science courses at Lincoln East provide scientific content knowledge, critical thinking skills, the development of logical thought, and problem solving abilities. These skills are essential for entry into institutions of higher learning, the functioning of our democratic society and our everyday life. In order for the US to continue its economic success throughout the world, we need to make our students leaders in the scientific fields.

Science classes are split into three major sections of scientific study. These areas are Physical Science, Life Science, and Earth Science. Graduation requires at lease one class in each and builds a strong broad base for the students.

The science department is composed of 10 outstanding science teachers: Connie Arends, Kyle Thompson, Kris Jarnagin, Ed McPherren, Burke Morrow, Karl Lautenschlager, Tom Bare, Amy Schommer, Dan Shafer, and Marcus Schmidt.

Social Studies

The basic mission of the Social Studies Department is to help students develop knowledge, attitudes, and skills that will enable them to be active and responsible citizens in our society. Content for Social Studies courses comes from Psychology, Sociology, Political Science, Geography, Economics, and History. This year there are 15 different courses offered in the department that fulfill Economic Education, Human Behavior, Social Studies, or Elective graduation requirements. A few of the special activities in Social Studies classes are Community Service in Citizenship Issues, student companies and computer business decision making simulations in Economics, multiple community resources in Criminal Justice, and preparation for Advanced Placement tests to earn college credit in United States History and Macroeconomics.

Special Education

The mission of Lincoln Public Schools Special Education is to provide quality educational opportunities for students with disabilities from birth to age 21. Our goal is to improve educational outcomes for all children with disabilities through collaborative efforts among students, families, educators and the community alike. The East High Special Education department serves students who have Individual Education Plans through Resource and co-taught classes, functional Academic classes, related services such as Speech/Language, and special classes including Supported Job Practice, Domestics, Life Skills, Computer Applications, and Adaptive Physical Education.

Student Services

Our Lincoln East Counseling Team works hard for and with our students. “GET THE SPARTAN EDGE!” is our ongoing theme. EDGE stands for Excellent Decisions = Great Education. We teach, discuss, and work through many situations students and parents share with us, many of them confidentially. Our goal is to help you explore options and consequences with someone you trust so you CAN make those excellent decisions.

You can see any counselor, but we believe it’s important that each student have a Counselor of Record who keeps track of grades, progress reports, and graduation status. We enjoy hearing about the GOOD happenings in students’ lives too. The Counseling Center’s Student Service Bulletin is available on line.

World Languages

The World Language Department at Lincoln East represents a broad group of students with the desire to learn the languages and cultures of people around the world.


12 teachers of diverse backgrounds
1000 students with eager minds curious to learn about different cultures
Mix in:
Rich cultural spices and ingredients such as Spanish soap operas, French novels, Chinese music, and German songs
Marinate & simmer for 9 months
Final product: New perspectives on the world and students ready to use the languages of French, German & Spanish in order to expand their world and make them more tolerant while opening new horizons for their lives.