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What is PBIS?

Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) was adopted by Lincoln Public Schools four years ago. It is not a packaged program or a curriculum, but rather it is a framework for implementing the best evidence-based behavioral practices in order to improve academic and behavioral outcomes for all students. Implementing PBIS has helped LPS schools accomplish the following:

Here at East High School, we are working especially hard during these first weeks of school to teach our expectations and acknowledge positive behavior when we see it. In this way, we know we are laying the foundation for a productive and positive school year.

2018-2019 PBiS Newsletters

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2017-2018 PBiS Newsletters

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2016-2017 PBiS Newsletters

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SPARTAN HERO: Honor, Engage, Respect, Ownership: See HERO posters around East High- Cafeteria, Classroom, Hallway, Library, Locker RoomRestroom

The East High PBiS committee would like to encourage parents to use specific positive feedback at home.  This is similar to what staff is doing at school to help improve student behavior at East. Please see the link for specific positive feedback suggestions. Caught in the Act at Home!