2019 Graduation Information

Congratulations to the class of 2019!  

Dear Senior Parents and Guardians:

The end of the 2018-2019 school year will soon be upon us. The purpose of this letter is to provide information about several end-of-the-year activities for the class of 2019.

Final Exams for seniors will take place Tuesday, May 21st through Thursday, May 23rd. It is important that all seniors check and pay their fees/fines on Synergy in order to receive their diploma at Commencement. If your student is not sure if he/she owes a fine, please check your Synergy ParentVue account or with Melanie Hansel in the main office.

The 2019 Senior Honors Assembly will be held in the South Gymnasium on Friday, May 17th at 7:30 a.m. During this time, we will honor members of the senior class for their accomplishments. Please park in the Seacrest Lot so staff parking is not disrupted.

On Friday, May 17, at approximately 9:00 a.m., seniors will participate in commencement rehearsal in the South Gymnasium. At this rehearsal we will discuss protocol and expectations for the ceremony. Seniors will be expected to attend all classes following the rehearsal.

On Friday, May 17, seniors will be able to pick up their cap and gown following the commencement rehearsal. Seniors can still order a cap and gown by going to www.LincolnGraduation.com.

The Fifty-second Annual Commencement Ceremony will take place at Bob Devaney Center on Sunday, May 26th at 1:30 p.m. All graduates will report to the staging area by 12:00 p.m. to receive last minute instructions and to organize the “Senior Walk.” Arrangements will be made for students with limited mobility to join the processional. Please contact Tara Troy at (402) 436-1302 for details if your student needs assistance.

Map of Bob Devaney Center

Graduating seniors may enter through entrance 10 and proceed to the planned staging area. Everyone else will also enter through the main entrance located on the north side of Bob Devaney Sports Center. Only graduates will be seated on the floor. No one will be allowed near the stage to take pictures or on floor where the graduates sit.  At the conclusion of commencement, students will be directed to the staging area to pick up their diplomas. (Only graduates will be allowed in this area.) Parents/guardians can meet graduates near the north entrance following the ceremony. Bob Devaney is a CLEAR BAG POLICY venue.  Clear bags and small clutch-sized purses are only allowed at entry. To view clear bag policy, please visit http://bit.ly/lincolnclearbagpolicy .  No balloons will be allowed.

We strive to keep the graduation ceremony for graduates and their families dignified and meaningful. We ask that students abide by the following:

Appropriate dress for seniors will be:
Men:  Dress shoes and socks; dress slacks (no shorts); dress shirt (tie preferred but not required).

Women: Dress, skirt, or dress slacks (no shorts) and dress blouse; dress shoes.

If a student arrives without appropriate attire, he or she will not be allowed to participate in the ceremony.

Caps and gowns:
Mortarboards should be worn with the flat surface horizontal and the tassel over the right eye. You may NOT decorate the gowns or mortarboards.  Gowns may need light pressing with a cool iron. It is best to hang the gown for a few days to remove the wrinkles. Nothing is to be added to the cap or gown, and no items are to be taken into the arena to distract from the ceremony. Corsages are not considered appropriate for wearing on the gowns. Members of the National Honor Society can wear medallions that may be purchased for $13.00 in the East High administrative office.

Diploma pick-up:
Immediately following the ceremony, graduates need to return to the staging area to pick up their diploma.

Seating for individuals with disabilities:
Seating for individuals with disabilities is available. Please ask for assistance as you enter Pinnacle Bank Arena.

Audience support requested:
We ask that family members and other spectators help keep the ceremony in good taste. Horns or other items that might interrupt the graduation are prohibited. All students deserve to have their friends and family members hear their name as it is read. Students who are performing a song or delivering a speech deserve to be heard by everyone in the audience. Seniors who do not wish to abide by dress and behavior expectations should not plan to attend the ceremony, which has always been optional.

Diploma insert information:
The actual diplomas are not presented to graduates on stage during the ceremony. Diplomas are available immediately after the ceremony in the backstage area. Students who have not completed all requirements for graduation will not receive a diploma. Diplomas not received at Commencement may be picked up from Kathryn Kelley in the counseling office. Diplomas for seniors with outstanding fees/fines (i.e., textbooks, fines, returnable supplies) will be withheld. They may be picked up at East High when an agreement to complete obligations is agreed upon. This includes fulfilling course requirements, returning books and equipment, and paying fines.

Cameras and videos:
A video of the graduation ceremony is being produced. We plan to have a large screen to project a live picture as each graduate crosses the stage. Because these professional pictures and videos will be available for purchase, we hope family members will be able to relax and enjoy the ceremony and not have to worry about taking pictures.

Each year decisions must be made about the status of seniors who are in danger of failing classes. If a senior is near failing or has work yet to complete which affects the requirements for graduation, the diploma insert will be withheld until the requirements are met. If the student can satisfactorily meet those requirements by the end of summer school, he/she will be allowed to participate in Commencement. However, if a student needs more than 10 credits of required classes to graduate, it would be unlikely that the requirement can be met within the allotted time, and the student will not be allowed to participate. Students in the above situation should see their counselors as soon as possible.

Students planning on attending a post-secondary school must fill out a “Request for Final Transcript” form and return it to Kathryn Kelley in the counseling office before a final transcript will be sent. Forms will be available in the counseling center. Final transcripts will not be mailed until after June 10, 2018. Class ranks and GPA will not be available until June 7, 2018.

We thank you for the support that you have provided for your student and for East High School.

Please feel free to call us at (402) 436-1302 if you have any questions.

Lincoln East Administrative Team