Boys State Basketball Information

BOYS STATE BASKETBALL: We are excited for our team, students, and fans to attend the Boys State Basketball Tournament this week at Pinnacle Bank Arena. 

East High Boys Varsity Basketball Game is: Thursday, March 8, 8:45 p.m. at PBA.

Please be aware of the following information regarding parking, admission, and seating at Pinnacle Bank Arena:

Parking, Entrance, Seating, and Exit Instructions for Pep Clubs, Bands, and Students. To aid in the movement and management of the crowd during the state basketball tournament, the following plan has been established for the entrance, seating, and exit of students attending games. We ask your cooperation in informing your students of the correct entrances, the seating area they are to use, the policy concerning cheerleaders and the area behind the team benches, and the exit procedures. (See enclosed maps of each site.) a. Pinnacle Bank Arena. Fans can enter using the main entrance on the south side of PBA or the Northeast upper entrance just over the walking bridge. Buses carrying bands or students can drop off on the south side of PBA and park in the Festival Parking located north of PBA. Team Buses will park in Gates 2 and 3 on the North side of PBA. i. Students will be seated in the north and south ends of the PBA. The home team students will be seated in Section 101 (north). Visiting team students will be seated in Section 112 (south). ii. For all games, students from the designated home team will go to the north concourse and students from the visiting team will go to the south concourse area to wait for the game in progress to be over so they can occupy those seats. Students in Section 112 (visitor) will exit down and out by Huskers Authentic, students in Section 101 (home) will exit to the top. iii. SCHOOL SUPERVISORS SHOULD PLAN TO BE AT THE AREA WHERE THE STUDENTS FROM THEIR SCHOOL ARE BEING HELD BY THE BEGINNING OF THE FOURTH QUARTER OF THE GAME IN PROGRESS. iv. NEW for 2018 Game 1 - the home team band will be located in Section 122 with the visiting team band located in Section 111. Game 2 – the home steam band will be located in Section 102 with the visiting team band located in Section 113. This process will continue to alternate each game. v. Spectators from the designated home team will be seated on the East Side in Sections 106 and 107 of PBA, with the spectators from the visiting team seated on the West Side in Sections 117 and 118. The students and adult spectators will be moved to other seating areas following the completion of each game. vi. Spectators are not to stand or hit the chairs or chair backs. Schools can be held liable for damage to the seats.