Recycling News from East High School

East High School has been a leader in the clean campus campaign and in our recycling efforts.  Thanks to students in classrooms, we have over time increased the amount of material we recycle.  Starting 2nd Semester East High School will be composting during Breakfast and Lunch times!   We have for the last month been recycling milk/juice containers, but this is only the start.  Starting 2nd semester students will be asked to SEPARATE out their breakfast/lunch selections when getting ready to clean up their eating area.  Students will be asked to discard liquids, compost material (food, compostable containers), recycle aluminum/plastic and put stuff into the trash!  This opportunity impacts our carbon foot print on the world, reduces the amount added to the landfill every year, and is used to create natural fertilizer used by local residents for raising food.  
We will work with students during their lunch time to help them prepare for this process.   Many of our elementary schools have been doing this for years so for some of us, it will come back to us quickly! 
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