Spartan News for February 2020

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February 2020

Upcoming Events:

February 21st Early Dismissal Schedule

Warning Bell


Period 1

8:00 - 8:30

Period 2

8:35 - 9:05

Period 3

9:10 - 9:41 (1 minute for pledge)

Period 7

9:46 – 10:16

Period 4

10:21 – 10:59 (Lunch – 38 min)

Period 5

11:04 - 11:42 (Lunch – 38 min)

Period 6

11:47 – 12:25 (Lunch – 38 min)

Period 8

12:30 – 1:00


LPS 2020 Bond Issue

LPS Bond Information 


East Art Department

New Semester of Art Club

As the new semester starts, think about joining Art Club! Every Thursday in room 164 after school!

New Banners in the Commons

NEW banners, displayed in the commons, show a combination of students' art work and their "Portrait of Lincoln." Students listened to Ed Zimmer, Historic Preservation Planner of Lincoln, and immersed themselves in our city's culture by looking at different neighborhoods, parks, local businesses, transportation, government buildings, famous architecture, civil services, and native plants and animals. The final banners include a combination of over 50 students designs!


East High Business Department News


East FBLA placed 1st at the UN-O Business Competition Day!  Students also earned individual awards:


New & Revamped Courses for Next School Year! 

Entrepreneurship provides students opportunities to determine benefits and risks of self-employment; to understand the traits and talents needed for entrepreneurship; and to learn the elements of creating a business plan. Students will explore the process of generating business ideas, recognizing opportunities, determining feasibility of ideas, securing human and financial resources, and creating marketing and management strategies for small businesses. The student will understand the role of entrepreneurial businesses in the United States and the impact on our national and global economy. This course meets CTE or general elective graduation requirements.

Business Management and Leadership emphasizes the basic concepts of management and leadership within a business or organization. Students will investigate management issues involved in planning, organizing, leading, and controlling an organization. Topics of this course include: management functions, leadership skills, business ethics, human resource management, financial decision-making, marketing strategies, and entrepreneurship. The culminating project of this class will be the completion of a business plan, a critical component for careers in management or business ownership. This course meets CTE or general elective graduation requirements.

Wealth-building and financial management: In this weighted course, students learn to manage their resources to make sound personal financial decisions, interpret data to develop short- and long-term budgetary plans, and develop product knowledge related to financial planning. Students will develop a financial plan that includes savings, investing, credit management, risk management, and retirement. This course meets CTE or general elective graduation requirements. Take Charge is a prerequisite.


East High School Library

Diverse Books for All!

Are you looking for books with diverse characters and themes? The MOSAIC is an annual collection of high interest diverse books for preschool through high school students reviewed by LPS librarians. 

Digital Citizenship Tips

LPS teachers instruct students about digital law when they help students explore how terms of service agreements and privacy policies are important and have real-world implications. Topics for a family discussion might include: 

LPS has procedures in place to ensure the apps and websites students are using adhere to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. 

Safe Searching Tools

The LPS Key Concepts in Digital Citizenship emphasize students’ ability to “Apply strategies for effective and efficient searches for information” and “Evaluate and select appropriate sources to answer questions.” LPS Educators work hard to help students understand not every search should be a “Google” search. Students have access to high quality digital content, from school or home, linked from our library web page. These resources include: eBooks, encyclopedias in multiple languages, databases of periodicals and reference resource, streaming media, and more!

For more information, visit the library web page found on our school’s website.


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