Welcome to East High School

We are excited that you have chosen to be a Spartan!  This year you will be seeing new faces throughout the hallways of East High School.  We welcome over 477 incoming 9th graders for a grand total of almost 1800 students.  We have 17 new staff members joining us this year as well.  We continue to grow, which is wonderful and as a result, provides us many opportunities and learning.

As we grow in population, we continue our School Improvement focus on increased achievement for each student and increased engagement for all students.  To accomplish this the staff utilizes the professional development opportunities during the summer and through out the school year.  Additionally, staff continue to work with the Data Team Process so that teachers with like content areas specifically focus on learning targets, measuring impact of their teaching on student learning and then focusing on relearning or extension activities for each student in their classrooms.  This individual teacher work utilizes the resources from the district such as Classroom Instruction that Works 2, the 5 E’s, work from Anita Archer and our learning from our work in the area of cultural proficiency.   

Respect Self, Learning, Property and Others – are the behavioral expectations for students.  We continue to work on reinforcing positive behavioral choices amongst our students and staff population, teaching and re-teaching expectations for all areas at East. Daily announcements, weekly lessons, drawings of students and staff who are caught Respecting Self, Learning Property and Others, are ways we will continue to increase student engagement, timeliness to class, decrease discipline and increase overall student learning.  

As a student, there are many, many ways for you be involved at East High School.  From clubs, to activities, and athletics, our goal is for you to find your “niche” and intern, continue grow our community to become better and stronger.  Parents, the same is said for you, become involved.  Whether it be by attending a booster meeting, coming to PTO meetings or attending an East High event – we want you here.  We understand that our partnership is critical in the overall success of your student. 

We are grateful to the community for your support and thank you for the improvements that continue to be made to East, LPS and the community at large.  I personally can’t wait to attend the first event at Seacrest this year.    The cameras have been installed throughout the building and outside, so we continue to strive to become a safer environment for all.   We are excited about the future as we continue to work in the area of technology to be able to create the most thoughtful and dynamic classrooms as we transition to one to one devices.  

I look forward to seeing you around East – at events and in the public!  I am excited about the 2015 – 2016 school year and know that it will be one of our best!

Go Spartans!!

The Lincoln Public Schools District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, age, genetic information, citizenship status or economic status in its programs, activities and employment.

Our Mission
Lincoln East High School's mission is to provide a supportive, comprehensive education in an accepting environment that promotes knowledge, responsibility, skills, and leadership, leading to the empowerment of all students.