Club NameSponsorMeeting Day(s)TimeLocationNotes
Archery ClubWade KendleTues, Thurs, Fri & SunVariesStarts Jan. 5thNE Game And Parks Outdoor Education Center
Asian Heritage ClubKevin RippeThursday3:15 PM2
Circle of FriendsPaula BrightThursdaylunches163meets all 3 lunches
Computer Science Club/Girls Who CodeLinda RohWednesdayAlternatesCommons/130EWill begin October 21st
Computer Science Honor SocietyLinda RohOnce a monthCommons/130EWill begin October 21st
DECAMatt MawAlternating Tues/Thurs3:05 PM131/Zoom
Drama ClubMelissa WallburnThursday3:10 PMGoogle ClassroomMeets the 1st Thursday of each month
Dumbledore's ArmyMelissa WallburnFriday3:15 PM144Last Friday of the month
East Native Students ClubVeranda JohnsonWednesday3:15-4:15 PM213First meeting is Nov 4th - Name of club will change
Eco ClubDan ShaferFriday3:10 PM200
FBLALori AndersonThursday3:05 PMGoogle ClassroomIntroductory meeting Wed. Aug. 28
Generations ConnectWach - KarnesTuesday3:15 PM218Meets the 3rd Tuesday of the month. Meeting via Zoom this year
Horticulture ClubBryan PenasTuesday3:00 PM
Key ClubSarah Staples-FarmerMonday3:10 PMGoogle Classroom, 017Meetings are Virtual for all members
Math ClubTom AhlschwedeMonday3:15 PM114
Mock TrialJohn SeymourTBD3:30 PM115
Robotics ClubAllyn GonsorTBDTBD137Will establish date/time 2nd quarter
Science OlympiadBrianna PaswatersThursday3:15 AMGoogle Classroom
Slam PoetryTina LeMonday3:15 PMRm 016/ZoomGoogle Classroom code: od2rn7a
Spartan EsportsBen HerbelFriday3:15 PM008 or 152
Speech ClubNick HerinkMonday3:05 PM020
Robotics ClubAllyn GonsorTBDTBD137Will establish date/time 2nd quarter
Table Tennis ClubBryan BaxterFriday3:20-4:00 PMConcourse
Tri-MNicole ShivelyThursday3:15 PMGoogle Classroom2nd/4th Thursday