Welcome to eLearning!

The eLearning environment provides you the opportunity to learn & earn credit for coursework through independent study in an online environment. We are excited to offer this option to you!

There are specific policies and procedures that must be followed in the online program. It is your responsibility to be familiar with these published & announced policies. We’re glad you are a part of the LPS eLearning program, and we hope that you will find it a useful tool in working toward your educational goals!

FAQ’s, Myths, and Truths About eLearning

Contrary to what you may have thought, eLearning is NOT an (easy way out) way to earn credits. You must be motivated & willing to work if you are going to earn credit in an eLearning course! Some eLearning students have even said “I think I had to work harder in the online course than I did in the regular class!” If you are motivated….if you are willing to take notes…to study on your own…to complete all the activities…if you don’t try to take shortcuts…then you will be more likely to succeed in this environment. E-learning is not for everyone. We will want to make sure it meets your learning style and your needs!

By Registering for an eLearning Course, You Agree to:

  • Keep your user name and password confidential, only between you & your instructor
  • Complete all required coursework and activities, and use class time effectively
  • Meet at least minimum grade requirements to receive credit in the course (you must achieve at least a 70% on tests & quizzes to move forward in the course, maximum two opportunities). The overall grading scale for all eLearning courses is listed later in this handout.
  • Second chance assessments will only be given once evidence of further preparation has been shown.
  • Attend regularly and comply with rules & regulations regarding the use of LPS computer equipment. Comply with LE attendance policies.
  • Keep complete & accurate records of your work, including complete notes and study guides
  • Take responsibility for your own learning and performance.
  • All graded assignments will be accessible for students, however they may not leave the classroom.
  • Adhere to & follow the policies and procedures as explained by your eLearning instructor

eLearning Lab Guidelines

  • Keep your user name & password confidential. You will receive a temporary password from your teacher the first time you log in you will be prompted to choose a NEW password. Make sure the new one is 1) school appropriate, and 2) something that you will remember. We suggest that you make your password a combination of your initials and your student ID # so that you can remember it.
  • Food/drink is not allowed in the computer lab.
  • Internet use is limited to course-related material. No web surfing, games, e-mail, IM, Facebook, My Space, AskJeeves, etc. Violation of these guidelines may result in you losing your enrollment in the eLearning environment.
  • No additional help from other websites while completing both formative and summative assessments. All information will be found within the Apex system.
  • Cell phones, iPods, or other mp3 players are NOT to be used under any circumstances during class time (by school policy). These devices must be kept silent AND invisible! (This is to HELP you focus!!)
  • Your online course contains video or audio within each lesson. – Please use your personal headphones to access these assignments.

Tips to Help You Succeed

  • Students who take thorough notes, and who complete all assigned study guides and related materials, always perform better on tests & quizzes! You are less likely to struggle to pass tests & quizzes if you have taken notes & participated in all study activities presented in your course. You must attain at least 70% on tests & quizzes before you are allowed to move on in your course. You have TWO CHANCES to reach that 70% requirement! If you do not pass the quiz or test on your first attempt, you will need to provide evidence in the form of ALL study guides, notes, and assignments before a second chance will be given. So….STUDY and PREPARE and TAKE NOTES and make sure you really are ready before you attempt a quiz or test!
  • Take notes! Print out, complete, and use the study guides!
  • Do NOT skip over course material! Make sure you scroll all the way down through the screens so you don’t miss something! There are often reading links (required) that are way at the bottom of a section if you miss it, you’ll miss a big chunk of required information!
  • You cannot succeed in these courses by just “clicking through the screens.” You must be an active learner!
  • Ask for help when you need it.
  • YOU are in charge of your OWN LEARNING. Your teacher can assist you, but online programs are designed so that you take responsibility for your own performance.

Requirements/Progressing Through Courses

It is a both a requirement and an expectation that you move through your course work IN SEQUENCE. This means that you must complete ALL activities within a unit before you progress to another unit. This includes all assigned activities, not just quizzes. Items handed in for grading will NOT be added to your grade if you are working out of sequence. Please see your instructor if you have additional questions.

Working Outside of Class

Because this is a web-based program, you may access your course outside of class time anywhere you have Internet access. You will likely need to work outside of class time in order to complete your course by the end of the semester. You may work from home or elsewhere; however, you may not complete any unit tests outside of class (unit tests will be locked to disallow access outside of class).

Unit Tests

Unit tests will be locked. When you are ready for a unit test, you will need to notify your eLearning instructor to gain access to tests. Being “ready” for a unit test means that you have 1) completed all activities, including study guides and notes, prior to the unit test; 2) studied unit material/reviewed your notes & materials prior to attempting the test; 3) confident you can pass the test. Remember that Unit Tests must be taken in the classroom under teacher supervision.


The following grading scale will be used for all eLearning courses:
90-100=A; 85-89=B+; 80-84=B; 75-79=C+; 70-74=C; 65-69=D+; 60-64=D; 59 & below=F.

Other Tools To Help You Succeed

Your teacher will show you how to access your own progress report, how to monitor suggested due dates, and how to find other course tools within the Apex system.