Lincoln Public Schools recognizes the importance of meeting the needs of gifted students. These students think abstractly, study in depth, and learn rapidly. To serve this group, the LPS School Board developed Policy 6300. This policy outlines the services available for gifted students.

East High has developed a program designed to challenge and enrich the academic lives of our gifted population.

LPS Gifted Program

Classes for High Ability Learners

Teachers design differentiated, Advanced Placement, and advanced classes to provide for in-depth, abstract, and/or accelerated study. East’s gifted program has always been committed to a policy of open enrollment which allows students into differentiated, Advanced Placement, and/or advanced classes whether identified gifted or not.

East High offers HAL classes in the areas of art, business, English, ITE, mathematics, science, social studies and world languages. All classes that fulfill graduation requirements offer advanced sections, and most elective areas of the curriculum offer advanced or in-depth courses. In addition, East offers a number of courses that count for college credit at UN-L, Nebraska Wesleyan, and Southeast Community College.


School psychologists administer I.Q. tests as early as elementary school but parents may request testing at any age. LPS has set criteria based on the results to qualify students for the Gifted Program. In addition, any student who produces work of exceptional quality and/or shows evidence of outstanding performance is a possible candidate for the Gifted Program through the alternative identification process below.

Referral, identification, and placement information for the Gifted Program can be found in Regulation 6310.1.

Previous Identification

Students identified as gifted in their previous district who transfer to East High are eligible to transfer their gifted status. LPS gifted personnel review transcripts and documentation from the previous district to make this determination.

Other Useful Resources

Nebraska Association for the Gifted—Serving gifted children in our state

National Association for Gifted Children

Trains teachers, encourages parent and educates administrators and policy makers on how to develop and support gifted children


A searchable database for twice-exceptional students

Lincoln East Gifted Coordinator: Derek Funk